Private Course
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Responsible Todor Dimitrov
Last Update 02.01.2024
Members 6
    • Introduction to Odoo Implementation Methodology
    • Business Analysis
    • Project Life Cycle
    • Identifying different project types
    • PM/BA Projects
    • Project documentation
    • Progress report
    • How to prepare and hold the kick-off meeting
    • How to phase my project?
    • Partnership Knowledge Base, Documentation & Forum: all the extra resources you need
    • ROI analysis (former GAP)
    • How to present a feature to your customer
    • Project how-to's
    • Odoo transversal knowledge
    • Challenge the customer
    • Configuration vs Customization vs Development
    • How to effectively communicate with my customer
    • How to make the Go-live happen
    • Writing specifications
    • What kind of support can I expect from Odoo?