Digital Finance Department Solutions

Odoo Accountant

Monitor You Company's Financial Health

Services in real-time or near real-time to support the business team with information

  • Accounts receivable/payable (AR/AP)
  • Payroll services
  • Tax returns
  • Financial statements

Controlling & Reporting

Keep a Close Eye on Your Financial Performance

Increase the discipline of your accounting department by supervising AP, AR and payroll, reviewing financial statements, and supporting budget and tax preparation. Provide insights on the organization’s financial position.

  • Revenue recognition and expense allocation control
  • Inventory valuation and Cost of Sales monitoring
  • Month-end close
  • Management reports preparation
  • Accounting team management
  • Financial procedures optimization

Understand the financial health of your business with accurate and timely reporting that enables immediate and forward-looking decision-making.

Fractional CFO

Maximize Your Value for Any Opportunity

A fractional CFO will partner with you to provide any analysis needed as well as identify challenges, risks and opportunities to ensure you have strength in any occasion.

​Build your future-proof finance department with fractional professionals